As far as the terminology “Coloured Stones” is concerned, it is loosely refer to all the gem quality minerals other than the mineral species Diamond. Diamond is a separate species and does not fall within the definition of “Coloured Stones”. Thus all other members of mineral species such as Corundum, Beryl, Chrysoberyl, Spinel, Zircon, Peridot, Garnet and Spodumene fall within the definition of “Coloured Stones”.

A unique feature and/or a characteristic of a exceptionally good Coloured Stone is it is unique and no other stone can match it. In other words there can be many diamonds of same colour, clarity, cut and carat weight but in Coloured stones you will never ever get a matching piece even if another stone might look alike. This is yet another reason that makes a good quality Coloured Stone is exceptionally rare.

The most important factors that add value to Coloured Stones are beauty, durability and rarity. Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight also contributes a lot to the aforementioned value factors. For an example when there is a stone with exceptionally good colour, very good clarity (the degree of freedom form clarity characteristics) the exceptionally good cut (the human contribution to the natural beauty of a gem) and carat weight which exceeds 3 carats such a Coloured Stone can be treated as a great gem of a gem.

Especially when talking about Coloured Stones with Sri Lankan origin the most appreciated and celebrated among all others is Blue Sapphire the blue colour variety of the mineral species Corundum with the chemical composition of AlO2. All the sapphires (Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pathparajah(Colour of the Lotus mixed with Sun set – also known as King Sapphire), , and phenomenal varieties such as star sapphire and star ruby are members of the  mineral species Corundum.

Please note that countries such as Thailand, Madagascar and some parts in Africa also produce sapphires and such products are mostly inferior to the sapphires with Sri Lankan origin. However Vogue Jewelers which has become a tradition of its own guarantees to supply top quality Coloured Stones with Sri Lankan origin especially the sapphire blue which is the king of the products of Sri Lanka.