Corporate Profile

Chairperson - Mrs.Chandra Hemachandra
Managing Director - Mr.Anura Hemachandra
Director - Mrs.Samantha Hemachandra
Director - Dr.Pujith Hemachandra MBBS,MD(Col),MRCP(UK), DGM(Glasgow)
CEO - Mr.Udara Karunatillake
COO - Mr.M.N.B.Herath

Chairperson's Message

I am proud to say that today, Vogue Jewellers continues to carry the belief system (the courage, determination and conviction Sarath and I had to go hand in hand on this journey) that our late chairman and I built this company 53 years ago. I continue to guide my son Anura and the Vogue team to always set higher standards for themselves. I stand by them and give them the strength that years of experience have given me.

I do consider the entire Vogue team to be my children. I care for them as my own and I will guide them not only as members of the Vogue team but also as individuals, to achieve great heights.

MD's Message

Vogue Jewellers is a multiple award winning company recognized for its premium quality and unstinted innovation and creativity. Pushing the boundaries of elegance forms a part of our rich tradition, and every piece that we design and create and follows the strict global standards which ensure that we present only the very finest to our valued customers. This process has earned the trust of generations of customers who visit Vogue time and time again to embellish their lives with sophisticated beauty.